Pin-back buttons, matchbox covers, decision-makers, fancy fonts, and infinities
600 jam-packed pages of vintage weirdness
and you don’t even need an orb
The Magnet 052: A Guidebook to SmellListen now (16 min) | Interview with Jude Stewart about her book, Revelations in Air
Advice from friends and readers
Plus birth rate world map, space-age industrial design, most popular sleeping positions, and the joy of playing 1980s Rogue
I looked through my bookshelves to find books that have been useful in one way or another. I selected eight to present here. These books have changed my…
A Flintstones cereal commercial parody interpretation
An interview with Gary Wolf on how to improve your physical and mental wellbeing without driving yourself nuts
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The impressive Alton Brown dislikes what he calls “unitaskers” — kitchen tools designed for a single task that could easily be accomplished with a…
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