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Love this!

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Years ago I stumbled upon the want list of Peter V. aka Mr. Jalopy on his site. Ever since then, I’ve kept an eye out for a particular jacket he would like to own.


I have since written down my want list and have shared it with my closest confidants. One such person saw that I was into Sony cassette tape players. He stumbled upon the holy grail model a few weeks back and bought it for $2.00.


I’ll place your Soviet Calendar in my mental Rolodex for future reference. I’m a weekly stalker of estate sales and open air swap meets.

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It would be a big project, but I'd love to see a "coffee table" book which has on each page A) a picture of an original calendar page, and B) a translation. With introductory material where old timers provide memories of the calendars and MAYBE they find some of the artists / authors.

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