The Magnet 046: 10 Kitchen Tools Part 2

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This is a continuation of my favorite kitchen tools. Here’s Part One.

Sharp Ice Cream Scoop ($15)

OXO kitchen tools, with their soft rubber grips, were originally designed for people with arthritis but they proved to be so useful that they’re now marketed to everyone. The reason I like the OXO Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop is that it has a sharp tip that can dig into even the hardest ice cream. I think OXO discontinued this model, but you can still find it if you hunt around. Here’s one place that seems to have it in stock.

Swing-A-Way Jar Opener ($8)

For stubborn jars that seem to be rusted shut, this jar opener provides lots of leverage. It looks complicated, but it’s easy to use and can be adjusted to open bottle lids and wide mouth jar lids — and everything in-between. Watch this video.

Jar-Pop Jar Opener ($6)

The Jar-Pop jar opener is designed to break the vacuum seal on new jars. After using it, you can easily unscrew the lid. (If someone screws the lid on too tightly later on, that’s when the Swing-A-Way comes in handy.)

Kuhn Rikon Smooth Edge Can Opener ($26)

This isn’t like an ordinary can opener that cuts into the top of a can. The Kuhn Rikon Smooth Touch Can Opener cuts around the rim of the can, so the blade never touches the food. The can and lid have a smooth edge, so you can’t cut yourself. And the way it cuts the lid makes it impossible for the lid to fall in the can. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now I prefer it over a traditional opener.

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler ($14 for 3)

I like Y-shape peelers more than knife-style peelers because they give me more control. The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler has a sharp blade that makes peeling effortless. It looks flimsy but don’t let that fool you — it’s the best peeler around.

OK, that’s it for this issue! I hope you liked this tour through my kitchen drawers. If you have a favorite kitchen tool., share it in the comments!

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