Why I'm writing The Magnet

A weekly newsletter of tips, recommendations of things that interest me, things I've learned, recipes, quotations, and more.

Hi, I’m Mark Frauenfelder. I co-founded Boing Boing with my wife, Carla, and was an early editor at Wired. I’m the editor-in-chief of Cool Tools, was the founding editor-in-chief of Make, and am a research director at Institute for the Future (You can find out about me here.)

Even though I write posts on Boing Boing almost every day, I’ve been wanting to write a newsletter that goes deeper into my personal interests, and so I decided to start The Magnet. Every week in The Magnet I’ll write about tips I find useful, things that interest me, what I've learned, interviews, recipes, quotations, and more. I’ll also include excerpts from my favorite newsletters.

I’ll send an occasional free issue. If you want the full weekly newsletter, I hope you’ll subscribe.